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Kormas is featured in the International Journal of Technological Sciences with an article on Noise Filtering Methods in CAN Communications.

In the International Journal of Technological Sciences, which is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original interdisciplinary studies such as Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Computer, Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics and Biomedical engineering, 3 issues a year, Binding 14, Number 3, dated 31.12.2022. An article on Noise Filtering Methods in CAN Communication, prepared by Our Expert R&D Engineer, Mr. Buğra ER and Prof. Dr. Okan BİNGÖL, has been published.

Communication, data collection and control processes are at the forefront of the most important areas of work in today’s automotive industry. Data collection is very important for electronic infrastructure systems. It is very important to establish a highly reliable structure and to transmit the data correctly to the control system. CAN protocol is one of the frequently preferred communication protocols in order to transmit data accurately and securely along the line. In the article, it is given that the parameters of the CAN protocol used in air conditioning controls are set with software in accordance with the SAE J1939 standard. It is shown on the analyzer screen that the message address and information used in communication are transmitted correctly. It has been tried to create an electrical noisy environment that the air conditioning controls that control many electric motors and systems may encounter in the automotive during communication. Components and topologies of CAN hardware have been tested in the created environment. Output graphs of different circuit topologies in noisy environments are interpreted.

In addition, CAN communication, KORMAS Elektrik Motor San. Trade Inc. It is described as an improvement in the HVAC control in the Hamle program supported by TÜBİTAK TEYDEB with the project number 1219040 in the R&D Center.

We would like to thank TÜBİTAK TEYDEB for their support to this work with the project number 1219040 within the scope of the move program.

You can review the International Journal of Technological Sciences (1) and the article Noise filtering methods in CAN communication (2) via the links below.

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