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On 24-26 November 2022, the 12th was held by the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO), Uludağ University Engineering Faculty Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Electrical-Electronics Faculty. “National Electrical-Electronics and Biomedical Engineering Conference (ELECO 2022)” was held online this year. 

In the ELECO 2022 Conference, which aims to bring together researchers working in the field of electrical, electronics and biomedical engineering from universities and industry to present their work and exchange information, in addition to 9 invited speakers from various universities, Electrical Power Systems, Electronics, Control Systems, Biomedical Electronics, Mechatronics-Robotics-Automation 138 presentations were presented under the titles of High Voltage Technique, Digital Systems, Electromagnetic, Power Electronics, Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Electrical Machines, Renewable Energy, Antennas, Energy Quality, Lighting, FO Communication, Smart Systems and RF Systems.

At the conference held on Saturday, November 26, our Expert R&D Engineer, Mr. Buğra ER, with the support of our Academic Advisor, Mr. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Fenercioğlu, KORMAS Elektrik Motor San. Trade Inc. within the scope of the Hamle program in the R&D Center, the presentation of the project numbered 1219040 and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driver Applicationsupported by TÜBİTAK TEYDEB was presented.

Our Expert R&D Engineer, in the presentation made by Mr. Buğra ER, GMSM is widely used in applications requiring high performance with its features such as high power density, high efficiency, fast response time and linear torque characteristics. Detailed information was given about the improvements made on the reverse electromagnetic force detection circuit on the GMSM driver.

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