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New Career Development Opportunities with the cooperation of Kormas A.Ş., Bahçeşehir

Kormas A.Ş., one of the leading manufacturers of DC motors and HVAC units in the sector, opens its TOSB factory to Bahçeşehir University students in cooperation with Bahçeşehir University in August 2022.

Within the scope of the cooperation, Kormas A.Ş. offers internship opportunities to the relevant branches in the R&D, Production, Quality, OHS & Environment, Human Resources, Administrative Affairs, Accounting & Finance, Information Processing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Sales and Marketing departments.

Kormas Inc. evaluating the intern applications from university students at the TOSB factory, Kormas A.Ş. Cooperation has been made with Bahçeşehir University regarding the rights listed below that employees of Bahçeşehir University can also benefit from.

  • 15% discount for 1-4 participants in continuing education programs, 25% discount for 5 or more participants,
  • 20% discount on master’s and doctoral programs,
  • 20% discount on BAU Gastoronomy workshop and certified training programs,
  • 25% discount on BAU Conservatory workshop and certified training programs,

(This discount will also be provided for spouses and children of Partner Institution employees for these two programs only.)

  • Free usage right in the first 2 uses of the borders and halls in the partner institution BAU, and 50% discount after 2 uses.

All Kormas A.Ş. employees can contact the Human Resources team.

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