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Access To Kormas Products Is Now Easy!

Access to detailed information about Kormas products is now very easy! With high resolution 3D-AR technologies, an interactive and technological experience can be provided to our customers.

AR, which has been heard frequently in recent years, has passed into literature as Augmented Reality. It is “real world” technology that places a real-life object in a space or application virtually and in 3D. The real-world environment and its contents are computer-generated; It is a live or indirect physical appearance created by enriching with sound, image, graphic and GPS data.

In the Kormas AR application, it is possible to examine the products in detail with 3D Imaging, and to view the products in real size, design and colors by targeting the camera in any environment where it is applied, with AR, one of the most important technologies of recent times.

You can access the Kormas AR application on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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