Our HR Policy

As Kormas Elektrikli Motor San. Tic. A.Ş.;

  • We adapt a humanitarian approach at the beginning to increase the motivation and professional satisfaction of our employees and therefore improve our productivity;
  • We focus on the strong aspects of our employees and improve the same; We ensure that people that have the same target and that respect the efforts of each other are included within a collaborative, harmonious, productive and positive team work; and we remove individualism and create a team;
  • We place employee in positions that are appropriate for their skills and performances; provide them fair fees according to the degree of the work they perform;
  • We aim that our company becomes fast & dynamic and grows without conceding on quality as evidenced by its decisions and actions;
  • We ensure the self-confidence of our employees, respect their opinions & recommendations and we orientate the pending applications accordingly;
  • We keep the spirits and motivations of employees at the highest level and we make them feel as family;
  • We use company’s resources carefully in order to reduces costs during operations with the awareness that savings represent a social obligation;
  • We provide a suitable, healthy and secure working environment for our employees by attaching priority to subjects to work and work safety, environmental safety etcetera and when required, we collaborate with official authorities.