Our Environmental Responsibility

Moving on from the foundation of “Sustainable Development”, Kormas Elektrikli Motor San. Tic. A.Ş takes all necessary measures in order to preserve natural resources during all our activities, to minimize waste quantities and to prevent environmental pollution and we aim at ensuring a sustainable & innovative development in all aspect related to the environment.

It will ensure continual improvement in environmental terms.

The environmental factor our priority in new product designs, projects and operations.

The method of substitution, which is less polluting, will be used during product design and production processes in order to reduce the use of harmful substances.

Studies will be conducted for the reuse of wastes that emerge during production, their reduction at sources and their recycling.

We will follow-up technologic developments and during all activities, we will use technologic that conform to the norms about health, safety and the environment.

We will manage our activities, which aim at increasing the environmental awareness of our employees and the society, simultaneously with systems of Quality, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety and we will strive in order to become an exemplary institution in the sector of durable goods with our environmental leadership.

We will receive the support and contributions of all our employees, suppliers, customers, board of directors’ members and all our business partners in order to reach our targets.